Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kristen and Kevin Collier, circled, on the Science Channel TV program, "Uncovering Aliens," 2014.

The Paranormal from a Biblical Viewpoint

It was four years ago this week that my wife and I appeared on a paranormal TV show. We weren't asked a question on camera, but you could see us seated in the audience panel. The program was titled, Uncovering Aliens, the “Alien Invasion" episode. The series had a brief broadcast life on the Science Channel. 

In the photo above, she and I are highlighted inside the circles. The crew had come to town to do a feature on U.F.O. sightings over Lake Michigan.

What were we—Christians—doing there? It is because the paranormal is linked to the biblical supernatural. It is the Devil's playground of deception.

I have written about the paranormal for years. I published a local book about it a few years back, concerning strange occurrences in our Michigan county's history. People often ask me, "Do you believe in ghosts?" or "Do you think U.F.O.'s are real?" I rephrase the question to answer it.

I have interviewed nearly 300 eyewitnesses concerning sightings of U.F.O.'s, ghosts, and strange creatures over the past decade. The question isn't whether I believe in U.F.O.'s, ghosts, or Bigfoot, the question is, "Do I believe the person I am interviewing believes he, or she, has seen this?" In most cases, I do.

So, if I believe they are telling me the truth, why don't I think flying saucers and aliens from outer space are real? It's because I see everything from a biblical viewpoint. What these people are seeing are demonic deceptions.

Even popular paranormal television programs such as the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, hosted by Zak Bagans, is recognizing this. What used to be an entertaining quest to find the ghost of Uncle Louis is now being called "demonic." When things get a little too hot during their investigations, they call in a priest. When you address it as demonic, like it or not, you are presenting it in a biblical, supernatural context.

Ancient Aliens on the History Channel is a favorite show of mine. I am attracted to the archeological aspect of the series, as it often focuses on biblical locations. They treat things biblical as legends or myth, but I dismiss that and focus on what they are presenting, and in their context. The show aims to provide a convincing narrative that aliens visited us in the past. They contend much of our history has been influenced by them.

The only "alien" that influenced human history is God. That is if you want to refer to God Almighty as an "alien."

The fact that the show has to keep presenting a biblical narrative acknowledges something. And I see it as recognition of the deceptions of the Devil again, making something into something else.

The Devil is all about deception, which goes to the core of the demonic, lies in motion. Anything to distract us away from God is useful to the opposition. That's why spiritual warriors need to look at the paranormal. It's a big part of the Devil's deception.

Encouraging people to believe in anything supernatural but God is to drive them away from God. Remember, the Devil's objective is to create distance between God and us. 

I recently was a guest on a paranormal podcast and just spelled it out to the host and audience that I look at everything from a biblical viewpoint. It's where the truth is, and the truth behind Satan's web of lies.

As a Christian, having an interest in the paranormal from a biblical viewpoint is an asset in spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:12). 

"Why are we so afraid to talk about the devil, or expose him, or even talk about spiritual warfare?" John Ramirez writes, in Armed and Dangerous. "We act like we are committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and walk on eggshells, as if we, the Church, have committed the ultimate sin."

Knowing the tricks of the enemy advances the frontline for Jesus. I compare it to going to a magic show, where you are in the audience, but had once been a magician. The audience is amazed at the seemingly impossible feats performed by the performer. 

"How did he do that?" 
But you know. 
For you, it's, "I know exactly how he did that." 

The lesson earns you a higher rank in the military of God. When you know the secret to the tricks, there's nothing magical about it. It's just an act to deceive and make you believe something untrue.


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